About US



In 2015, Illustrative Society was founded to fill a void in our local dance community. We set out to unite a collective of creatives aspiring to work as professional dancers, and equip them with the critique and guidance necessary to succeed in the industry. We provide an intimate, yet inclusive space where artists explore their individual artistry through movement, and tap into their vulnerabilities to sprout organic growth. Our space is designed to create learning opportunities between artists that aren’t typically offered in a rehearsal or drop-in class setting, and we’ve been successful creating that environment thus far.


Our goal is to establish a novel platform for artists to express themselves on local, national, and international stages. Vancouver’s dance community is growing steadily, and we believe it’s important to prepare the next generation of movers to get ahead of their own developmental curves by challenging them to “dance outside the box.” We too, as a collective, must continue to push the envelope when it comes to performance art, and showcase the talent that our community has to offer to a greater audience.